Program Designer

Our goal: Improving the effectiveness of physical and occupational therapy.

PTmotions Program Designer is designed specifically for medical professionals to help improve the effectiveness of therapy they prescribe. The software is medical grade, professional, and reliable just like the services you provide for your patients. It allows you to prescribe therapeutic exercise programs which can be delivered via print, email, or over the web. Patients will benefit from unambiguous, precise directions including multiple camera views which make clear not only the motions, but the plane of the motions thereby allowing for more complex exercises to be prescribed with confidence that patients will correctly perform the exercises at home.

Work the way you prefer to!

PTmotions knows that no two clinics, therapists, or patients are identical. In recognition of this, we have built a flexible system that is simple to use and offers benefits regardless of the way you like to work. Consider the following workflows as just a few common examples.

Do you prefer to provide patients with pre-printed copies of your common therapy programs?

Program Designer can produce professional printed programs which are branded with your clinic logo as well as any contact information you wish to share with your patients. Even better, your patients can still access the online exercises videos using the access codes provided on the print outs. This mode works well if your clinic does not have internet access or if you prefer to preprint your most common therapy programs.

Do you prefer to slightly modify therapy programs for each patient based on their unique needs?

If you treat particular injuries on a regular basis, it is nice to start from a basic set of exercises and then tailor the therapy to the specific needs of the patient. In Program Designer you can save your favorite therapy programs, and then adjust them very quickly on a patient by patient basis. This is a very time efficient manner to design customized therapy.

Do you prefer to create completely unique therapy programs for each patient?

The numerous search methods provided by Program Designer allow you to quickly find what you are looking for even if you like to start from scratch each time. See the partial list of exercise search methods listed on the right, or view the Program Designer videos to see how quickly you can design professional and precise medical programs.

Do you like to start with a basic set of exercises and work through a progression?

The database of exercises in Program Designer was created with therapeutic progressions in mind. Therapists can save a set of programs which capture the progression and then assign them to patients as they are ready.

Provide convenient access to your therapy programs.

To improve the effectiveness of therapist prescribed exercise programs, patients need to have clear instructions that are readily available. Our approach recognizes that internet access is not a given and provides delivery options regardless of the internet status of both the clinic and the patient.

Clinic has internet access? Patient has internet access? Patient can access therapy program via these delivery options:
Yes Yes print, email, web
No Yes print, web
Yes No print
No No print

Program designer benefits...

...the clinic...

  • Saves employee time
  • Saves paper/printing costs
  • Builds your clinic identity
  • Modernizes your clinic image

...the therapists...

  • Easily manages all your patients
  • Improves your efficiency
  • Improves therapy effectiveness

...and the patients!

  • Access exercises anytime, anywhere
  • No more wondering how/what to do
  • Improves patient outcomes

Program Designer Feature Summary:

Exercise library features

  • Over 8500 videos in exercise library
  • Text, image, and video descriptions
  • All descriptions can be easily modified

Exercise Search Methods

  • Body part
  • Body position
  • Exercise type
  • Exercise plane
  • Equipment
  • Text search
  • Visual search
  • Video previews
  • Numerous subcategories and more...

Exercise Types

  • Active/Assisted/Passive Range of Motion
  • Functional Mobility/Stretch/Strength
  • Isometric/Isotonic/Static
  • Mobilization (Mulligan/McKenzie/Self)
  • Plyometrics (Throwing/In-Place/Moving)
  • Agility/Balance/Stability
  • Sport Training
  • Gait Re-education/Postural
  • Neural Tension
  • Self Taping
  • And more: over 30 exercise types!

Therapy Development Features

  • Save your exercise programs for reuse
  • Track assignments for each patient
  • Easily customize programs by patient
  • Deliver professional programs with ease

Clinic/Therapist Branding

  • Your name/logo in all patient access
  • Control contact methods for patients
  • Advertise online features to your patients

Methods of Delivery/Access

  • Print out/photocopy
  • Email
  • Web browser
  • Mobile device (coming soon)
  • Works with or without internet access!

Program Designer Availability

  • PC (windows)
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iPad (coming soon)