Program Viewer

Our goal: Improving the effectiveness of physical and occupational therapy.

Program Viewer is the online software through which patients can view the exercise programs assigned by their therapist. Each program includes a title, a set of application notes, and a list of exercises. Each exercise in the program has a complete description including step by step descriptions, frequency (how many, how often), and various notes tailored to the exercise and patient. The exercises are shown with multiple views: this is critical for correctly understanding the proper exercise form. Patients will greatly benefit from such unambiguous, precise directions including multiple camera views which make clear not only the motions, but the plane of the motions thereby allowing for more complex exercises to be prescribed than would be possible otherwise.

What will my patients see in Program Viewer?

Your patients will get the guidance needed to properly perform the at home therapy you prescribe. No more forgetting how or what to do- instructions are available to patients any time they need it. The following gives an overview of what they will see when they access your therapy programs. Note that all the exercise descriptions can be edited as you see fit. Click on the images below for a larger view (also be sure to see the videos on the product tour page).